Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dollars and Scents

     Hey Scholars! I am currently obsessed with LAVANILA Laboratories Pure Vanilla set. My favorite cosmetic store is Sephora and here is where I buy my set of Pure Vanilla products. I usually buy the forty dollar gift set. The reason I enjoy buying the products as a set is because these products are on the pricey side. I enjoy these products because they are 100% healthy. They are free of Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene glycol, Mineral oil, Silicones, Synthetic dyes, Sulfates, or Parabens.

     Although I love the Vanilla products there are a number of other scents in the collection. Other scents include coconut, passion fruit  blackberry, grapefruit, lavender and lemon just to name a few; vanilla is alongside all of this scents, for example the coconut body wash is vanilla coconut body wash. All of these products are also 100% healthy and have organic and natural ingredients.
    LAVANILA also have other products such as sunscreen (for the your face) deodorant, lip gloss, fragrance oils, candles, and products for babies. Included in the gift set that I buy is a 2-in-1 body wash that also acts as a shaving cream; a body butter, and a bottle of fragrance.

The Healthy Body Wash 2-in-1 Shower and Shave:

     The body wash works into a nice lather. The scent is nice and pleasant. I like that it does not dry out my skin or leave it feeling like all my natural skin oils have been stripped. Included in the ingredients are various organic and natural oils that work with your skin's natural oils leaving your skin feeling amazing.

The Healthy Body Butter:

     Although I am not crazy about the scent of this body butter it feels good and it lasts. A little does go a long way. My skin feels incredibly smooth after using the body butter. For best results use the body wash and follow up with this body butter. I have also noticed that it gives my skin a nice glow!


     I love this fragrance!!! It is not so strong that it is offensive or smell like I have been marinating in it to cover up funk. It is nice and light with a subtle, clean, sweet vanilla scent.

I have yet to try any of the other scents but when I do I will post reviews. I strongly recommend these products. Here are the links to find these products:




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