Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Facial Products

Hey scholars! It's been awhile since my last post. Now that the semester is over I will have more time to post. As of late (the last couple of weeks) my face has been breaking out quite frequently. I guess it is due to the stress of grad school and making sure my final papers, projects and exams are to the best of my abilities.This post is about my facial regimen. My skin tends to get tired of the same old routine pretty quickly so I make sure that I keep a couple of different cleansers, toners/astringents and moisturizers on hand. My skin type is oily and sensitive.

My routine for my sensitive skin consists of Simple's Skincare products. I use the moisturizing Facial Wash, the Soothing Facial Toner and the Replenishing  Rich Moisturizer. I love this product line because it is gentle and is packed with vitamin B5 and has no harsh dyes, perfumes, or irritants. I keep this line in stock. However, with my recent breakouts, I have put these products aside and use products that combat acne specifically.

The products I use to clear up my skin are not a part of a line. i had to find what works and sometimes that means choosing a products here and there from different lines. I have found that there may be one or two products that work but not the entire line. So why waste money if you're not going to use all the products. For my cleansers I use Noxema's The Original Deep Cleansing Cream with Eucalyptus Oil and Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cleanser/Mask.

I tone my face with Stridex Single-Step Acne Control Pads and Sea Breeze Astringent (or the Store brand-depending on price and budget!).

When I moisturize I use Simple's Replenishing  Rich Moisturizer. I use it night and day.

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