Friday, May 24, 2013

What's in my Candy Bag?

Hey Scholars! I am obsessed with handbags, satchels are my favorite. Right now one of my favorite handbags is the Furla Candy Bag. I am the proud owner of the Candy Bag in Dragon Fruit (the name of the color). This satchel is so spacious. I tend to pack a lot of stuff in my handbags but I am more conscientious when it comes to packing this one because the material is PVC.

So what do I pack inside this beauty?

I carry around a pen and some paper because I never know when I may need them for whatever purposes.

On my key ring are the keys to my apartment, mailbox and car along with an alarm. Also, is a lucky penny I got from the Paul Laurence Dunbar House in Dayton, Ohio. I have pepper spray my mother bought for me and half of a colorful butterfly also from my mom; I drop my keys a lot and it broke. The other half is on a shelf in my bedroom.

Small Bag/Clutch
I keep my female toiletries in this bag. I keep it with me at all times because I never know who will need some protection.

Hand Sanitizer
I am a germ-o-phobe. Enough said.

Homemade Organic Lip Balm
I have the recipe for my lip balm here

Sephora Mirror
I keep this to make sure my makeup is in check and to make sure I do not have anything in between my teeth. 

Carol's Daughter Eau de Toilette
My favorite scent is Almond Cookie. 

Tide Stick
Just in case I have a hole in my lip and need to clean up a food/beverage stain.

I mixed a couple of different lotions to make this mixture. I can not remember which ones I mixed but it smells wonderful. 

In this cute wallet are a bunch of cards from bank, credit, insurance, library, organizations and rewards cards. (Sephora anyone?) 

People often ask me why I keep my passport with me. My answer: I never know when I may need to get away, as far and as quickly as possible. 

Nook Color
I like being able to have so many books in hands at any given time.

Apple Ipod
For the times I need to tune the world out...

LG Optimus Elite- call me!!! 

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