Colorful Plates

Hey Scholars! What's on your plate? When eating your meals your foods should be colorful. Have you ever wondered why fruits and vegetables are the colors they are? Did you know that they help to battle/prevent diseases, keep you beautiful, and help you to live longer? One day while on the internet I came across a picture with the caption "Eating Colors for Health." There were six different colors that each serve a purpose in keeping the human body healthy:

White: Immune support and reduce stroke risk

Green: Detoxification, help with vision problems, and lower risk for cancer

Yellow: Beauty, benefit the Nervous System, and aid in digestion

Orange: Cancer prevention and reduce risk of heart disease

Red: Heart health, reduce risk for stroke, macular degeneration, and memory problems

Purple: Longevity, reduce risk for stroke, macular degeneration, memory problems and brain health

So eat up and enjoy!

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