Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Break Reads Part One: The E-Books

     Hey Scholars! Whew, what a semester!! As busy and as crazy as it was, I have to say it was pretty amazing. I worked as an Office Assistant, a Graduate Assistant, and went to school full time, finishing fall semester with a 4.0. I am going to take advantage of my winter break and do a lot of reading that has nothing to do with academics because next semester is going to be even busier and crazier but i am looking forward to it and will embrace it will my total being. With that said, this break is going to be relaxing. Well, as relaxing as I can make it. I am still learning to relax. Today was my first day of break without having to work and I cleaned my apartment. I felt like I needed to being doing something so I cleaned. Anyway, the next three weeks I will read strictly for pleasure.

So here is my list of e-books on my partial winter break reading list:

Mallory Monroe
Reno Gabrini: A Man in Full
Austin Brook Publishing

"Vegas casino owner Reno Gabrini just wanted to take it easy. His beloved PaLargio was back in business and turning profits like the good old days. His headliner act, pop sensation Shay Grayson, was packing the house and making amends for her diva behavior. His gorgeous African American wife, Trina, was working extra hard to make her own mark on the business world and was holding her head up high despite rumors of his infidelity. His sons were happy, healthy, and completely devoted to their father. All, Reno thought, was right with the world. Until his oldest son falls in love with a ruthless woman almost twice his age, his wife reestablishes contact with a man he told her to stay away from, and he is nearly destroyed by an enemy that targets, not his mind, soul, or body, but his heart.

In the latest installment of the romantic Mob Boss Series (Book Eight), Reno Gabrini must confront the ghosts of his past as he seeks to protect his family from a subtle, but just as dangerous, foe."

Kim Chambers
The Throwaway Year

" Hayden Michaels had given six years of her life to MyKell before he abruptly informs her that things hadn’t been “right” for a while and he had met someone else.

That is when Hayden finally opens her eyes and takes a good look around at her life and the mess that she was—financially, emotionally and physically. Never able to maintain enough discipline to put her mind to any difficult task, Hayden makes a bold decision; she will throw away an entire year of her life; moving towards her goals with no thought of pleasure or pain.

In this latest IR novel written by award winning author Pepper Pace, we are taken on a journey with Hayden as she tries to recreate herself with sometimes comical results. With the use of positive affirmations Hayden’s journey is a lesson to us all as she faces situations and people that help her to realize her worth—namely a man who has been written off by society. But the question becomes whether Hayden can accept the faults of someone else without allowing herself to fall back into her old ways? Warning: this story contains explicit language, sex, and descriptions of drug use."

Vera Roberts
To Love and Obey
Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment

"Nicholas D’Amato is one of the best and hardest professors at NYU, always encouraging his students to do their best. He’s also very popular with some of his female students, rarely turning down an offer for a blow job. But when his professional life gets blurred with his personal one by a new grad student, Nicholas must get to the root of the problem—and become her personal instructor.

Zerrin Campbell is struggling to maintain. As a grad student in New York University’s famed English program, she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend or even a one-night stand, much to the chagrin of her girls. It’s not that she doesn’t want to date; she doesn’t know what guy would be able to handle what she wants to explore—a submissive in training. However, a chance encounter with Nick one night opens the consensual exploration that benefits both of them.

To Love and Obey is the second story in the D’Amato Brothers series. It is a sensual/erotic book which deals with the complicated nature of a D/s relationship, BDSM, and overcoming obstacles to achieve personal and professional happiness."

Vera Roberts
Where I Wanna Be
Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment

"Eliodoro “Eli” D’Amato had the perfect life: a beautiful wife, an adorable son, and a growing family business. His perfect life was a problem—it was mundane and routine. He knew Thursdays were pizza nights. He knew Mondays were Netflix nights. He knew Sundays were family dinner nights.

Eli also knew… he was unhappy.

When an old girlfriend, Simone Harris, pops into Madre’s, she and Eli get a chance to reconnect with each other. She had traveled the world, loves salsa dancing, and loves cigars. Most importantly, she’s sexy and very available. She makes Eli discover everything he wanted to have and was missing in his life: excitement and passion.

Eli finds himself in a peculiar situation: does he remain committed to his high-school sweetheart or does he pursue what could have been?

Where I Wanna Be is the third story in the D’Amato Brothers series. It is a sensual/erotic book that deals with the problems that arise with marriage, commitment, and trust."

Vera Roberts
All I've Ever Wanted
Sweet Baby Girl Entertainment

" Joseph “Joey” D’Amato isn’t trying to settle down. He has a great career being the president and COO of Madre’s floral chain, lives in a very nice apartment in the world-famous TriBeCa district, and entertains a fleet of women all over New York, labeling himself as the Italian Hugh Hefner. But when he meets his brother’s assistant, all those plans go out the window.

Zoe Mitchell has big dreams. She moonlights as an assistant/part-time nanny to her boss but what she really aspires to be is a fashion designer. While her parents and sister support her business aspirations, they also pressure her to finally find a nice young man to settle down with – something Zoe is not remotely interested in. But when she makes a trip to New York to make good on a bet her boss has made, she finds out love and fate often have their own plans.

Can Joey convince Zoe to give up her California dreaming and make a permanent move to New York? Can Zoe convince Joey that he truly is a one-woman type of guy?

All I’ve Ever Wanted is the fourth story in the D’Amato Brothers series. It is a sensual/erotic book that deals with long-distance relationships, trust, and commitment."

Francis Ray
After the Dawn
St. Martin's Press

" Samantha Collins is stunned when her grandfather turns Collins Industry over to her, causing more than a bit of ill will among the other family members, especially her uncle, Evan. But nothing stuns her more than when she finds out that he has asked Dillon Montgomery to help her run the company. Her grandfather had fired Dillon and ordered him off the company property years ago.

Twelve years ago Samantha made her feelings known to Dillon and the whole thing ended in disaster and they haven't spoken since. Working together now, even all these years later, is sure to be a disaster. Still, she needs his help if she is going to keep Collins Industry afloat. But will the prodigal son return to the empire — and the woman — who desperately need him? Will he be able to admit how much he desperately needs her?"

*All of the book images are from various sites from Google Images.*

**All of the book descriptions are from the Barnes and Noble website.**

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