Sunday, February 2, 2014

Facial Steam Bath

Hey Scholars!

     This winter season has been one for the record books. As long as I have been in school and I have been in school for quite a while, I have never had so many days off due to inclement weather. This weather has taken a toll on everyone involved. I have kept my hair in my protective style of twists and have been keeping my scalp oiled so that it does not dry out. My skin, my skin, my skin....oh my goodness! I am not playing with this weather. My skin has been so dry because of this cold weather, sorry, this polar vortex. Below zero My face has never been so dry before. So I had to come up with a regime this season so that my face stays moisturized. What is a girl supposed to do? I mean I wash it, tone it, and moisturize it. On occasion, I use a mask. What else am I supposed to do? I decided to give myself a facial using hot cloths. Needless to say, the cloths are only hot for so long. Then  I decided that facial steam baths would be much more effective.

Here is what you need: 


Boil water in a pot.
Add a few drops of essential oils in the boiling water--I use lavender and vanilla. 
Pour the water into a glass bowl.
Drape a towel over you head.
Place your face several inches above the hot mixture.
Keep your head under your homemade tent for 6 minutes.
Then wipe face with an astringent.
Splash face with cool water.

*For great results, do this a couple times a week.*

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