Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Love into Being"

Hey Scholars! 

I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline and I came across a short video (roughly 30 seconds) of Mother Oprah sharing her wisdom. She began with speaking the words, “Love into Being.” I heard her speak these words in September 2015. She explained that these words are the idea that her knowledge of there being a greater being, a higher power, is reflected in her, her woman-ness, her very being. That idea is a reflection of a greater being visualizing love in the image of her total being. She states that this knowledge has kept her “grounded, centered, and strong.”

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I thought about these words and allowed them to embed themselves into my consciousness, as I processed their meaning(s) for myself. For me, this expression means that a higher being, the Creator, the Most High, is using me as a reflection of his expression of his perfect love. This is not to say that I am perfect, not by any means. He took his time to reflect, visualize, create, and show his love by creating me. I think of all the times I have done harm to myself from purposeful starvation to bulimia, negative thoughts, comments, to not getting the help I need after being raped. As I take in Oprah’s words and process them, I cannot for the life of me fathom why and how I could do harmful things to myself. If I am a reflection of him, his creation, his vision, his perfect love, how could I destroy it? How could I deem myself not worthy of the most powerful being has proven otherwise? Who am I to try and destroy something created by a perfect being? There is a saying that goes, “God does not make any mistakes.” No matter the faith, religion, or name in which this higher, greater being is called, this statement has been said by so many people. How dare I challenge the Most High and his creation? How dare I not appreciate, cherish, and love his vision, his creation, his love? He has blessed me abundantly, first by creating me and then by allowing me to take another breath, my heart beating another beat, to hear, see, feel, taste, speak, be, create, experience, learn, sing, dance, write, read, think, like, love...everyday. How could I possibly think that I am an unworthy creation, being, person? If I am good enough for the Most High to take time to breathe love into being with me as a result, why am I not able to accept that because of that very reason, I am enough and always will be? 

Then I realize that the Most High did not create me to be perfect. I am human. I am supposed to make mistakes from time to time. What I should not do is decide to harm myself in any way for whatever reason. As I continue to take these words in I have taken steps to work on me. I will never try to be perfect but I do want to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. So I engage in lifestyle activities that help me shape and mold myself into someone I am proud of, comfortable with, and love.  

For a stronger, calmer, and better state of mind, I indulge in Oprah’s channel OWN. I especially enjoy Super Soul Sunday, Master Class, and Super Soul Sessions. I have also begun meditating. I am not a disciplined meditator, but I do take time to clear my mind whenever I feel the need to clear my mind. It does not have to be a 30-minute session. I have found that something as simple as a two-minute breather is sufficient sometimes.  

In order make my body healthier and gain a better image of my body I have taken up Pilates, which I absolutely love. I have been a vegetarian for a number of years. However, I have recently become vegan. I saw the documentary, Forks over Knives, and I wanted to see what it was like to eat vegan and adopt a plant-based diet for about a week. The morning after watching the documentary, I began my journey of veganism. This was sometime during August 2015 and I have not looked back.  

For my soul, I always go back to what has helped me since I was a child- writing. Through writing, I allow myself to open up and be vulnerable in ways that I may not otherwise allow myself to be. For example, this blog is my way of opening up and sharing what is on my mind. This post in particular has touched on some personal issues that I do not really share with other people. So in a way I am not only being vulnerable but giving myself permission to share parts of myself that I keep to myself.  

Tied into my health- mind, body, and soul is my spirituality. I am Hebrew, however, I am not into organized religion, rather I find that spirituality is more important in achieving peace and finding a space that I am comfortable with for me instead of someone telling me what to do or not do in order to be in God’s favor. My spirituality keeps me grounded, centered, and strong.          

Love into Being...I am working to fully and unconditionally love my being... 

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