Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Misconstruction of Transracial Identities or Appropriating Black Womanhood

Hey scholars! 

I came across some disturbing images on IG, all of which show white women claiming black identities, wanting to prove to us that with their new textured weaves, wigs, and permed hair, darkly tanned skin, and enhanced physical features, they are black women. 

Just no.

The notion of a transracial identity is not the appropriation of someone's culture, more specifically, black womanhood and adopting it as your own. Where white women get it wrong is that they try to emulate what they perceive to be the definition of blackness, apply it, and try to pass and define themselves as black.

A precise example of a transracial identity is seen with black people adopted by white families who find that their blackness does not match up with their cultural surroundings and as a result they try to navigate their blackness in a world that is not black and may oftentimes be violent, racist, and sexist. Furthermore, being black in this white world does not change one's race nor does it offer any privileges associated with being white.

So, wearing a particular hairstyle, listening to a certain genre of music, adapting a particular speech pattern, or dating black men exclusively does not make a white woman a black woman.

White privilege in this moment is being able to apply these things you associate with being a black woman and actually saying you are a black woman without actually having to deal with the issues we face as black women on a daily basis.

You are not transracial nor are you black. Stop. It.

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