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Black Power and Black Lives Matter

Hey Scholars!

This past year, I have found myself engaging in numerous conversations about the Black Lives Matter movement and the meaning of black power. People allow the mainstream media to "educate" them and make decisions for them without ever researching for themselves what the truth is; this sham of an election has exposed this repeatedly.  

I remember, after Jesse Williams acceptance speech at the BET Awards telecast, people started circulating a petition to get the Black Lives Matter organization listed as a terrorist group. Rather than recognize police brutality as an issue when it comes to black, brown, and indigenous communities, people like to blame people for their tragedies they experience. 

I came across a photo sometime ago and it struck me just how inaccurate it is. 

White power is used to instill fear in people through violent means. White power is a promotion of white supremacy. Black power is used to instill pride in oneself in the face of that violence. Blac…

Campus Protest

Hey Scholars!

Around the nation, college students are protesting the racial and sexual injustices they are facing on their college campuses. On Wednesday October 5th, 2016, the Black Student Association at the University of Memphis, staged a protest in response to a situation that took place within the last couple of weeks on campus:

A University of Memphis student found her car keyed and a racist note on her windshield on the morning of Sept. 23 in the parking lot off Central Avenue, opposite Carpenter Complex.

Written on the note were a racial slur against African-Americans, “You dumb n*****s,” and the words, “F**k North Carolina,” said sophomore track and field student, Nicole Lawson.

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