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Universal Appeal: Television in Black and White

Hey Scholars!

I have been engaging in many conversations regarding blackness, images, narratives, and television. To be specific, the question that we have been seeking to answer is, why are white television shows considered to have universal appeal and black tv shows do not? To explain away why white tv shows are able to get away with not having any characters of color, except occasionally, if ever, is because these shows speak to the human experience regardless of color. I call bullshit on this. Universal appeal is a way to justify depicting lily white worlds, in other words, it is white supremacy in a nutshell. Real talk, think about it. 

The tv show Friends, about the lives and loves of six friends in a whitewashed illustration of New York City, is considered a show with universal appeal, or the notion that whiteness and the comfortableness of seeing white faces is an experience that speaks to all people, which is white supremacy. There was an attempt to bring in a black love intere…