Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Shit I Love

Hey scholars!! 

We have all been in situations where we are asked about ourselves, not necessarily deep stuff, more like, questions about our favorite things, channeling our inner Oprah. As simple as questions like these are, I find them hard to answer sometimes. This is not because I do not know the answers to them (maybe that's not totally true), but because I do not like to talk about myself. I never have. So, this post is a way for me to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone and open up. 

Here is a brief list, not easy to put together, of some of the shit I LOVE.   

1.     Patchouli (oil, spray, incense)
        - I love the smell of patchouli. My favorite body spray is a    mixture of oils and scents, the dominant one being patchouli. It is clean, light, and easy on my sinuses.  

2.     Cree Summer’s Street Faerie album
        - You remember the show A Different World? The actress who played Freddie (my fave), the bohemian, carefree, free thinking, earth saving, Freddie is not only an actress and the voice of virtually every animated black character on television is a musician and a great one at that. This album is the answer to my bohemian soul. From the title of the album, to the tracks, lyrics, melodies, and the sound of Cree's voice is magic and soothing and wonderful and just perfect. 

3.     Black socks
        - I love black socks. I love buying black socks. I love wearing black socks. I love black socks. 

4.     String lights
        - I have string lights in every room in my home. Some have yellow lights, while others have colorful lights. In my bedroom, there is a mixture of both. I love string lights because, one, I do not like bright lights, and two, I love the ambiance string lights create. 

5.     Juicing
        - Something about pushing and shoving fruits and vegetables down the thingy and seeing colorful liquids fall into the cup. And the straining part. Along with the pouring part. The pouring part is my favorite part after the drinking part. The different colors and flavors... Since I have made juicing a part of my lifestyle, I have come to appreciate the process, enjoy creating new recipes, picking out glass jars or bottles, and sipping on the juice all day. 

6.     Discovering new music, television shows, and authors
        - I have never been the type to follow the crowd and by that I mean, when everyone is talking about a tv show, movie, music, or whatever form of entertainment, I turn away from it. Abort, abort, abort. I just cannot deal with all the hoopla. I need time and space, if I am interested at all. I love surfing Amazon and Barnes and Noble for reading materials. I love surfing YouTube and Spotify for music. I love scrolling through platforms like Hulu and Netflix for television shows and movies I have never seen or heard of. This is a different type of self-discovery that sometimes yield surprising results. 

7.     Coconut oil
        - As a natural hair sista, I have found like many of my other sisters the wonder and magic of coconut oil. I love its versatility. I use use from head to toe, inside and out. Therefore, I keep a jar or two in my bathroom and my kitchen. Need a remedy, I'm sure coconut oil is the solution. Not sure what to use, coconut oil may be the solution. It's like that episode of Everybody Hates Chris, the parents remedy for every ailment and issue was Robitussin. Maybe the 21st century quick fix will be coconut oil. Whatever it is, "put some coconut oil on it." I love this shit.  

8.     Tapestry
        - Sure, I appreciate art and love it on walls just as much as anyone else, just not my walls. With the exception of a few framed puzzles hanging on a few walls in my home, my favorite pieces of art are not exactly artwork, but tapestry and string lights. Again, something about the ambiance they create. As I look around my room, I feel that the tapestry and string lights reflect who I am or say something about me as a person. I love that shit. 

9.     Like Water for Chocolate (the movie, not the novel)
        - This is my favorite movie ever. I have not yet read the novel and I am not sure if I will. I love the passion and the plot. Damn Netflix for taking it off. Why doesn't Netflix tell you how long something is available. Like give us a date so we can prepare. Real talk.  

10.  Works of fiction by black women
        - I love reading. I always have. Since childhood, it has been an escape for me and honestly, it still is. I have so many books by various authors. My favorite books though and the ones that take up the most shelf space are those by black women. I love how black women tell stories. Being a black woman, that matters to me. It speaks to me. 

11. Animals
      - I love animals. As problematic as I find Disney princesses to be (start with their unrealistic waist sizes, dumb mentalities, and douchebag princes they are obsessed with), I envy their relationships with animals and nature. It's dangerous and illegal for me to have a tiger, lion, or some exotic, expensive bird, bear, or any other type of cat. Disney played me as a kid. I grew up with pets and am preparing to adopt a few of my own this summer, of course they will be cats and a dog. Disney princesses relationships with nature are out of this world. There is no way I can frolic in fields of flowers and not have a sneezing attack, watery, itchy eyes, and sinus pressure, unless of course I pop a Benadryl first and then well no frolicking because that magical shit knocks me out. Where was I? Oh yeah, I love animals. 

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