Tuesday, April 11, 2017

90s Nostalgia: Sitcoms

Hey scholars!

This nostalgia is really swirling in my mind. The black television shows 90s babies grew up on. How wonderful was it to see so much representations of ourselves on television? Thanks to syndication, streaming services, and YouTube, we can enjoy our favorite shows, episodes, and moments loving that we remember the lines. Not to mention, these shows had some of the dopest theme songs ever! 

1. A Different World 

How many went to HBCUs because of this show? As a kid, you could not tell me that I was not going to Hillman. Well, not only did I not go to Hillman, but I did not attend an HBCU either. One day though, maybe law school?? I'm hopeful. "It's a different world, than where you come from, yes it is now...."

2. Moesha

I remember the night this show premiered, I got braces that morning. Knowing that a new show starring one of my favorite singers was coming on, helped me get through the painful process. "Mo to tha, E to tha...." Why did producers make Dorian Frank's son, they built this great black man, father, husband, and businessman, only to assassinate his character with this development. It made no sense to do this. Real talk, I can't stand Ray J anyway, so he could have not been in the show at all. Also, Moesha and Hakeem, great as best friends, awkward as fuck as a couple.  

3. The Parent'hood

Robert Townsend's genius is unsung, like for real though. From depicting the bullshit black actors go through during the audition process to presenting a beautiful black family, I am so grateful for this man. I still vibe to this theme song, that beat...

4. Fresh Prince

First, rest in peace Uncle Phil (James Avery). He was and still is our uncle. I am not engaging in the debate as to who was the best Aunt Viv, I mean can't both sistas be great?! Pop quiz, what are the lyrics to the verse played in only a couple of episodes during the first season of the show. Hint, he's one the plane in first class sippin' orange juice out of a champagne glass... 

5. Martin

This show produced so many lines black folks quote today. "You ain't got no job man!" "You go boy." Too bad behind the scenes drama left season 5 with a bitter ending, seeing as how Tisha and Martin were not in scenes together in the last 2-part episode. From reruns to each season being on DVD, we can replay our favorite episodes to our heart's content. I could go into a long diatribe about how problematic I found the back and forth between Martin and Pam to be, but I don't want to, at least not in this post.   

6. In the House

For real, the best seasons for me were the first two because of Debbie Allen; I still love the subsequent seasons though, but she is everything. That episode she busted out the tootsie roll like she invented the dance!!! 

7. Sister, Sister

Love this show, still watch it today. "Go home Roger!" It is amazing to see the amazing women they grew into.  

8. Steve Harvey Show

Before Steve lost his damn mind or maybe before he became comfortable putting his Hotep bullshit on display. This show of his is the only one I can enjoy. 

9. Wayans Bros.

This family dominated the 90s and early 00s. Not to mention the many people, especially black people they have employed over the years. It is funny (not really) that the biggest star from In Living Color is not a Wayan but Jim Carrey....

10. Family Matters

This family right here, right here....one of the longest running black sitcoms behind The Jeffersons and House of Payne, gave us, for better or worse, Steve Urkel and his alter ego/arch nemesis, Stefan Urquelle. Check out that Key and Peele skit

11. Living Single

"In a 90s kinda world, I'm glad I got my girls..." Before America went crazy as fuck for Friends (I am not the one to ask why, see my post about Universal Appeal), we had this show. Khadijah, Max, Sinclair, Regine, Overton, and Kyle, these were our friends, "true blue and tight like glue." Where is the petition for Warner Bros. to distribute seasons 2-5 on DVD? 

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