Monday, April 10, 2017

Apple Carrot and Ginger Juice

Hey scholars!

This week, my university hosted an undergraduate research conference; students from universities around the nation attended. While they were here, they were able to speak to representatives from graduate programs, I was one of them, representing the history department. As a token of appreciation, refreshments were available for us. Among the food and beverages, were red apples, bananas, and tangerines. I took a couple of bananas for lunch and decided to stock up apples and tangerines for juicing and stock I did. Why not? Real talk, I may just take the whole basket next time, why let good food go to waste?? 

I recently decided to juice with red apples. I think that these may be my favorite apples to juice with. Their natural sweetness comes out and makes the juice so crisp. This juice is essentially the same as the Ginger and Carrot juice I posted with a minor change, red apples instead of granny smith apples. 


2 bags carrots
1 big piece of ginger
5-7 red apples
2 cups coconut water

Run everything through the juicer. Strain and por. 


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