Refreshing Mint ‘n’ Melon Smoothie

Hey scholars!

I came across a juice recipe on the page of one of my favorite fullyraw vegan social media personalities, JonnyJuicer. Sometime early this week, I picked up the ingredients to make this juice for myself. After a long day on campus, I decided that I would finally use the ingredients. Well, I gathered everything, took one look at my juicer, and laziness kicked in. I then turned to my blender and decided I would see how this recipe would turn out blended. I am so happy that I did because, Oh. My. Goodness. What a great way to chillax, unwind, and prepare for a weekend with friends. This recipe is amazing. It is smooth, creamy, and refreshing. I will definitely make this again. Here is what you need:   
1 honeydew melon
4 limes juiced
4-5 mint leaves (more or less, depends on personal taste buds)

Blend for about 1 minute. Enjoy!

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