Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What’s On Your….???

Hey scholars,

I came across some article in some magazine, I cannot remember it it was in print or online, but it asked the question, "What is on your...??" Just for fun, I answered the following questions. 

What's on your: 

Coffee Table: Notebook, puzzles, books, and laptop

TV in the morning: I usually don’t watch TV in the morning, but if I do I may find something on Netflix or Hulu

Radar: Moving to a new place this summer and researching for my dissertation

Netflix Queue: Season 3 Grace and Frankie and The Get Down

Nightstand: books, headphones, journal and pens, and hookah water pipe

Bucket list: Tanzania, New Zealand, NYT Bestsellers list

Weekly grocery list: bananas (monthly), apples, kale, lemons, limes, melons, berries, vegetables, more fruits, coconuts and/or coconut water  

Go-To Menu: Mulan Bistro (sweet potato rolls) 

Music list: Kehlani, Raye, Cree Summer, Solange

Kitchen counter: Vitamix blender, Breville Juice Fountain

Workout plan: Pilates, Running, Cycling

IPhone App list: Headspace, Notebook, B&N Nook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Blogger

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