Friday, April 14, 2017

Who Am I??

Hey scholars!

I came across another article, not sure where I saw it, asking readers to imagine themselves as something else. I thought this list of questions was cool, especially since I find it difficult to answer questions about myself outside of the easy ones, name, birthplace, occupation, favorite, color, etc. I admit, this short list took some time to answer because I have not thought about many of these questions, but I gave it a shot. So, here goes.

If I were a:

Month: September because fall is my favorite season- the leaves change colors, I feel a newness in the air, and I can breathe better during the fall and winter months with bugs and plants dying. 

Color: Purple- it symbolizes ambition, energy, and is calming. "Womanist is to feminist, as purple is to lavender." Alice Walker As an Africana womanist, this quote and the color purple resonates with me. 

Time of day: Midnight- I am a night owl. I am usually up writing when everyone else around me is settling down and in for the night. When the moon is up, so am I. My zodiac sign is Cancer aka Moonchild. 

Superpower: Probably teleportation, I am socially awkward and sometimes I need to abort a situation and this superpower would work wonders...

Flower: Black rose- while many symbolize this flower with negative connotations, I see it symbolizing rebirth and rejuvenation. 

Song: Soul Sister- Cree Summer
"She loved to share with the moon soon she shared with me
The adventure this life could be
If we just let ourselves be free
She gave me peace of mind
Like a butterfly song to a rainbow shrine"

Item of clothing: Oversized comfy sweater 

Animal- Some kind of bird that takes flight because I am afraid of heights, so that fear gets removed with an animal that flies; not sure what kind though. 

Food: Mango, fresh mango slices and mango juice, man I am ready for the summer!

City/Town: Mumbai

Sport: Track and Field 

Movie: Like Water for Chocolate- my favorite movie ever

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