Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Pop Culture: Words I Hate

Hey scholars!

The internet. I love it and I hate it. The reasons I hate it is because of the stupid trends, dumb videos, and annoying words that have been created and gone viral. What irritates me the most, are the words. The words I see often. The words I hear every damn day. The words I sometimes cannot define. The words I refuse to understand. The words I cannot escape because pop culture refuses to let them go. The words I hate although I love words. I hate these words. So what are they? Here is a short list of words I hate because of pop culture and the internet.   

1. Thot- Meaning that ho over there. Who gets to define and determine someone being a ho? Disagreeing with one's lifestyle choices does not give one the right to act as a judge.  

2. Fleek- Part of my hatred of this word comes from how pop culture treats black people and white people. This term was created by a young black woman. This term has been used by companies to promote their products, translating into millions of dollars. The woman who created this has not been compensated or recognized for this term. On the other hand, the young white man who does that Damn Daniel shit, has been recognized for it and has been compensated for it. The other part, I have been using on point for years and it has worked. I just hate this word. 

3. Bae- I am used to hearing how people from New Orleans pronounce baby and it comes out sounding like bae, I get that. Today's usage of abbreviated words just go hand in hand with text talk (i.e LOL and wyd?), you know, instant gratification and short attention spans. 

4. Basic (as in Basic Bitch)- I read the Urban Dictionary definition of this term. Nope. Basically, this word is dumb with regards to its reference to other people. 

5. Ratchet- It's a chickenhead, it's a hoodrat...it's a ratchet. I cannot with these...adjectives?? Wait, isn't a ratchet a tool, not a person? But then again, aren't people called tools? What is a tool when referenced to a person?  

I'm sure this will be an ever-growing list... 

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