Summer TV Watch List

Hey scholars!

The school year is over! What a productive school year it was. I passed my written and oral comprehensive exams. My committee signed off on my dissertation prospectus and I presented to my department. I have employment for the summer as an African American history instructor and research assistant. And finally, I moved into my new apartment, which I absolutely love. Now that the school year is over, that means I can catch up on some television. Never has there ever been so much to watch on tv or through streaming services. It is impossible to watch everything or all of what interests me. However, there are some shows that I look forward to watching this summer. 

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season 3- Netflix)

2. Orange is the New Black (season 5- Netflix)

3. Grace and Frankie (season 3- Netflix)

4. Dear White People (season 1- Netflix)

5. Power (season 4- Starz)

6. House of Cards (season 4- Netflix)

7. Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (season 4- Bravo)

8. Queen of the South (season 2- USA)

9. Chewing Gum (seasons 1&2- Netflix)

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