Monday, May 1, 2017

Vegan Spicy Chick'n Caesar Wraps

Hey scholars!

In continuing with simple recipes, I threw these quick and delicious wraps together. I promise to add more complexity and variety to these recipes. Right now, I am wrapping up my semester, in the process of moving to another home, preparing to teach this summer, a conference presentation, working, etc. I also do these types of recipes because college students are looking for vegan meals that will not bust their budgets. Summers here in Memphis are hot, so recipes for the next few months may just be juice and smoothies and even some nice creams (alternative to ice cream using frozen bananas as a base). 

One of my favorite vegan brands is Beyond Meat. This brand emphasized not only being plant based, but demonstrates that getting protein as a vegan is not impossible. That is probably one a the most common questions I get, "Where do you get protein from?" Various food products from this brand, definitely helps me get much needed protein. 

Last night's wraps were quick, simple, and delicious. Here is what I came up with.


9-12 Beyond Meat Chicken Strips
Romaine lettuce
Just Mayo Caesar dressing
Banana Peppers
Small tortillas 
Hot sauce  


Cook the strips according to the package.
About 1 minute before the strips are done, coat them with hot sauce.
Assemble the wraps- wrap, lettuce, dressing, peppers, and top with the strips.


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