90s Nostalgia: Black Movies

Hey scholars!

Part three of my 90s nostalgia posts is movies I grew up on, have fond memories of, and still watch to this day and quote on almost a daily basis. I see many posts like this from fellow 80s babies, 90s kids, and see where my lists differ. I could add so many movies to this list, but to avoid making it really long, I kept it to twelve black movies. No descriptions or quotes or commentary, because I am lazy or because I have to write a scholarly article, work, and think about my dissertation. It's because I do not want to. Here are the movies I watch for 90s nostalgia. 

1. Just Another Girl on the I.R.T

2. House Party

3. Friday

4. Soul Food

5. Eve's Bayou

6. Poetic Justice

7. Boyz in the Hood

8. Set it Off

9. Waiting to Exhale

10. Crooklyn

11. Love Jones 

12. Our Song- this came out in 2000, but...

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