Saturday, July 29, 2017

Blends: Watermelon Juice and Cherry Tea

Hey scholars!

In the mornings during the summer, I like to get creative with my beverages. Since the morning hours are hot as hell, I like to cool off with tea. Here in the south, sweet iced tea is usually the way to go, but not for me. One, I do not like added sugars in my tea, and two, I never really drank iced tea, until now. This morning's blend is a naturally sweet, refreshing, candy like drink. 


2 cups of watermelon juice, I used the red traffic light juice
1 black cherry tea bag, I used this brand
1-3 lime slices
A few splashes of coconut water or regular water 


Add ice cubes to the bottom 
Place the tea bag and lime slices on top
Add more ice cubes
Pour watermelon juice until full; leave room for the water

I make these teas a couple of hours before I leave the house each morning and place them in the freezer, so that by the time I get to work, they are still cold and stay that way for a few hours. 


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