Sunshine in a Jar Juice

Hey scholars!

This week, I have been juicing according to color. For example, I began the week with a green juice. Today, I wanted a yellowish orange juice. Tomorrow, I will be making my Ginger and Carrot juice. The recipe for this sunshine juice is new, I have not made this before. Not only does it look like sunshine in a jar, but it tastes like it too. Here is what I used: 


6-8 fresh squeezed oranges
3 peaches
4 mangoes
1 pineapple or 3-4 cups of pineapple juice 
2 lemons juiced
4 cups coconut water 

I used a lemon juicer for the lemons, a citrus juicer for the oranges, and my Breville Juice Fountain for the peaches, pineapple, and mangoes. I strain all the juices into a large glass bowl. Then I poured the coconut water over the juice. Pour into jars. Enjoy! 

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