Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Traffic Light Juices

Hey scholars!

I am not the type to use my journey to force people to see things my way and become a vegan and achieve perfection. No, I am no health nut or guru. What I am interested in though is using my journey and platform to help people become informed on my lifestyle and maybe, just maybe, try a recipe or two. And maybe, just maybe, look to incorporate some of them into their daily diets and lifestyles. I love juicing. I love that in a few steps I can quickly breakdown down and flush out unwanted matter in my body while hydrating and nourishing my temple without taking drastic measures or wreaking havoc on my digestion system. Juicing is an excellent way to build immunity, lose weight, improve digestion, improve sleep, gain energy, boost your sex drive, and not only fight off diseases, but reverse chronic illnesses. If you want to do this as well, give juicing a try. There are good juicers for virtually every budget, so do anything that will bust your bank. My advice when it comes to juicing is to be open to ingredients and juice the rainbow. Try different colors each week or each day if you can. Just make sure that whatever decisions you make are yours to make. Today, I made three different juices that serve different purposes. Here are the juices.

Red for hydration:
1 3 pound watermelon
2 cups coconut water 

Orange for cellular energy:
3 bags of carrots
5 green apples
2 inch thumb ginger
2 cups of coconut water

Green for alkaline fluids, chlorophyll, and micronutrients:
3 stalks of celery
1 bundle of kale
4 green apples
1 lemon juiced 
2 cups of coconut water

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