Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Vegan Yogurt: Silk

Hey scholars!

Since becoming a vegan August 2015, I have not had yogurt! Honestly, I have missed it. It is an easy breakfast choice on the go. It makes for a nice snack that you can jazz up. I have heard about a few vegan brands, but I have not been moved to try any of them until recently. I decided to try the Silk brand. Let me say, I was not disappointed. 

What I like about this brand is that is tastes like yogurt. Typically, vegan or plant-based versions of foods tend to taste like an alternative and nothing like what you want, but is tasty enough to consume. This yogurt does not taste like an alternative. It has the thick, smooth consistency of dairy based yogurts What makes it even better is that it does not taste really sweet like dairy based yogurts, some of which I have always found to be too sweet. Silk is on point. The fruit flavors are on point. The texture is on point. I just love it. I can go back to making recipes with yogurt again. Sometimes I add granola, raisin, and cranberries to it enjoy as a parfait. Try this, you may like it, if yogurt is your thing. Silk, I am going to need yawl to make frozen yogurts. Thanks! 

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