Saturday, August 5, 2017

Black Lemonade

Hey scholars!

I like to detox from time to time. It is good for the body to eliminate toxins from the body. Following different vegan profiles around the internet, I keep seeing recipes for black lemonade. The key ingredient is activated charcoal. Benefits for activated charcoal range from adsorbing intestinal gases, poison, and wastes and safely removing them from the body to neutralizing odors, treating insect bites, purify blood transfusions, and treating overdoses. These are just some of the uses and benefits of using activated charcoal. This black lemonade recipe also calls for water, lemons, which are packed with vitamins and has tons of amazing benefits, and maple syrup, which is packed with antioxidants. You may use any sweetener, I like organic grade A maple syrup. Honestly, I was skeptical about making and drinking this. It tastes like lemon juice. I did not use a lot of syrup to it is not particularly sweet and the activated charcoal is odorless and tasteless. It tastes better chilled or ice cold. 


4 lemons, juiced
2-3 TBSP maple syrup (or 15-20 drops of stevia)
2 tsp activated charcoal


Place all ingredients in a 8 cup mason jar and fill it to the top with water. Shake well. Either pour over ice or place in the refrigerator until it is cold. 


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